Mixed Media and Collage with Acrylic and Ink

These are recent Paintings which use Mixed Media Techniques. They were done with a combination of collage, India Ink, Acrylic Paint, Golden Acrylic Matte Medium, Yes Paste, and Wax Crayon , on watercolor paper, and Rice paper. These are more Abstract works, with color and process being most important. There are influences from maps, aerial views from Google earth, and also an exploration of randomness. The ink and paint are applied in a variety of ways that are a somewhat controlled randomness of dripping and using gravity and forced air to direct the flow. I am becoming increasingly more interested in blurring, dripping, collage and other less traditional means of color application.
   Less representational than some of my earlier work, they are a fun way to experiment with art materials and learn what they are capable of.

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