Luna - The Moon - Art Show this past August 2018

These are pictures of my new work in Acrylic and Mixed Media . They have a great deal of texture and have subtle color gradations and many layers of glazes for a luminous look that is hard to capture in photos. And all involve the circular shape of a possible moon.


Oil and Cold Wax Painting 18" x36 "

Matt at Sea , Oil and Cold Wax on Panel , 11" x 14"

Oil and Wax on Canvas 18" x 36 " salt marsh at Kennebunkport

Miniature Golf Landscape in Oil Paint on board 5"x7"

Throwback to a few years ago- Oil Paintings at Muscoot Farm Show

Croton at Sunset , Oil and Wax on Canvas 18" x 36 "

Landscape Painting in Oil and Wax 18" x 36 "